Survey Says? 60% of IT Departments Balking at Windows 7 Migration

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A survey conducted by corporate IT management firm ScriptLogic found that 60% of respondents are planning on just saying no to Windows 7. The reasons for that rejection are divided, but the end result is that only 34% of respondents plan on migrating by the end of 2010, and even fewer, 5.4%, plan on migrating in 2009.

The economy is at the heart of the issue, with 42.7% respondents citing a lack of time and resources as the biggest barrier to deploying Windows 7. Another 39.1% are most concerned about application compatibility, an issue likely likely to be resolved as time marches forward.

ScriptLogic offered a further breakdown of those who cited a lack of time and resources as their big barrier to a Windows 7 future. 37.3% of those respondents said they had already skipped software upgrades and delayed purchases in order to save money, which emphasizes the role the economy might be playing in these results.

Only 7.5% of respondents were concerned about hardware requirements, though that was a major source of angst in the IT world ahead of the Vista rollout.

The key to this story, though, is the nature of the source. ScriptLogic's survey was a survey of 20,000 customers, not a random sample with a control. That means the results are not necessarily representative, and could well be influenced by the predisposition of those who were motivated to respond.

That aspect has been largely ignored by the mainstream and tech press that has gravitated towards this story in a moment of schadenfreude at Microsoft's expense.



Hell, at my company we haven’t even gone to Vista. No reason to put time, staff, and equipment money into upgrading to a new OS when XP does what’s needed.


Wow Bryan, those last 2 ‘graphs it almost sounds as if you are sticking up for Microsoft!?

Seriously though, you must always consider the source, and this “survey” was more likely market research on behalf of ScriptLogic than a statistically valid study.


#1 reason to go to windows 7:  because we can’t go back to XP!


Google OS is a dream.

Like it or not, Windows 7 is the future. Few companies will keep XP, until 2014. Why? Because hardware failures will force IT to purchase new computers. The U.S. is built on a consuming economic model not a service one!


Like it or not, Windows 7 is the future.

and it’s supposed to be better than Vista. But I’m going to keep with my standard rule: Wait until at least SP-1 before deploying any MS product.


Crap headline - 99.9% OF BUSINESSES BALK AT SNOW LEOPARD is more justifiable.

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