Swatch Scores One More Thing in Switzerland, not Apple

Swatch can get away with trotting out Steve Jobs's "one more thing" catch phrase in Switzerland, but Apple can't. The watch maker scored a trademark on the line and linked it to tech gear along with software and many tech-related services, which means Tim Cook and other Apple representatives can't use the very line they rely on to unveil surprise produce—or, at least they can't in Europe.

Swatch trademarks Apple's Swatch trademarks Apple's "one more thing" line in Switzerland

The trademark specifically mentions software for desktop and laptop computers along with mobile devices, as well as

Apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound or images; electronic payment processing apparatus, apparatus for processing cashless payment transactions; magnetic recording media, sound recording disks; compact disks, DVDs and other digital recording media; apparatus enabling the playing of compressed sound files (MP3); calculating machines and data processing equipment.

In other words, if Tim Cook were to host a media event in Switzerland to unveil the new iPhone, and at the end dropped a surprise iPad Pro announcement on us, he couldn't lead in with his impish grin and the line, "One more thing."

Apple is free, however, to use the iconic line in the United States, so maybe it's for the best the company's big announcements happen in California.

[Thanks to Patently Apple for the heads up, some image elements courtesy Shutterstock]