Symantec Launches Public Beta for Norton Online Family

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Norton Online Family
Norton Online Family

Symantec announced Wednesday the launch of a public beta of Norton Online Family. Three new service combines a client-side monitoring app and Web-based reporting for parents to monitor where their kids go online.

In a statement, Symantec called the service a, "a unique Internet safety service built on a philosophy of dialogue between parents and kids." It has been built around the idea of fostering dialogue between parents and children, as opposed to the service itself serving as a watchdog.

For instance, parents can not monitor their kids in any kind of stealth mode, but at the same time, everything the children do is simply sent to the parent via the Web-based reporting tool. Norton Online Family will track Web-based searching and the sites those searches lead to, and it will show parents which social networking sites their children log into, along with their submitted name and age.

Norton Online Family is available to both Mac and Windows based computers, and the public beta is free. Symantec is offering an extended online video promoting and explaining the service on the Norton Online Family home page.



Public beta?  Symantec’s software has been in public beta since the release of 8.1 in January 19, 1998.  Sometimes it has been free, othertimes not, but BETA = Buggy Everyday Test Application.  So many people’s directory damaged by Disk Doctor and Speed Disk, and recently systems unnecessarily slowed down with unnecessary virus checking on the Mac, that you have to wonder, how long do they believe we’ll want to be their guinea pigs?

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