Synology Adds Native OS X Finder Searches and Offline iOS Video Transcoding with DSM6

On Thursday Synology announced the official release of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.0 for their DiskStation network-attached storage devices. DSM6 is a major update for most Synology units released since 2011, and includes some features targeted specifically at Mac and iOS users, as well.

Highlights of the DSM6 enhancements include:

  • Synology's Content Search index is now automatically exposed to the OS X Finder, allowing users to perform truly valuable searches of the data on their network storage devices.
  • Video Station, Synology's movie and TV-show server, will now do offline transcoding to make even more of your media compatible for offline viewing with your iOS devices using Synology's iPhone app, DS Video.
  • Video Station will now automatically search for subtitles online if a movie is missing them.
  • Cloud Station, Synology's personal cloud engine (think "personal Dropbox") will now support files containing the "/" character on the Mac.
  • DSM6 adds the ability to create File Requests, allowing you to give permission to non-DSM users to upload files directly to your DiskStation from anywhere in the world.
  • Synology's new SpreadSheet package lets you host your own, multi-user collaboration spreadsheets that anyone with permission and a browser can access.
  • and many, many more. Visit Synology's DSM 6 page for details.

Synology Updated their Suite of iOS Apps to Match DSM6Synology Updated their Suite of iOS Apps to Match DSM6, too

Synology owners can update to DSM6 today by logging into DSM on their current units, and choosing Control Panel > Update & Restore. Users of the Plex and BitTorrent Sync packages may need to disable those packages temporarily while the update happens, but we were able to re-enable the most recently-released versions of them here, post-update, with no issues.

Users of Synology's myriad iOS apps should update those in App Store > Updates on all iOS devices.