System Monitoring, Quick and Easy

Iim an information junkie. As such, I find it necessary to keep up on whatis going on in the world, what Apple is up to, what the weather may be doing at any given moment, and yes, exactly what my Mac is up to. Imagine my delight when I discovered iStat.

Monitor your Mac with iStat.

iStat comes in three flavors: The desktop application dubbed iStat, the Dashboard widget known as iStat pro, and the slimmed down widget called iStat nano. All display an array of information including CPU usage, memory usage, network connection and bandwidth usage, battery status, computer temperature, and more.

iStat pro offers the same features in a Dashboard widget.

Yes, there are other utilities that display the same information without taking up as much screen space, but the iStat apps are easy to read and nicely organized. Also, iStat, iStat pro and iStat nano are free. iSlayer accepts donations to help support development, so be sure to pay what you think they are worth.

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