T-Mobile Offers iPhone 5 Pre-orders Ahead of April 12 Launch

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T-Mobile began accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5 on Friday a week ahead of the carrier's official April 12 launch. T-Mobile was the last of the big carriers to begin offering Apple's popular smartphone, although it has been supporting unlocked iPhones customers were using on its network.

T-Mobile starts iPhone 5 pre-ordersT-Mobile starts iPhone 5 pre-orders

The carrier will offer the 16GB iPhone 5 on its network starting at US$99.99 with 24 monthly payments at $20 each as part of its new Uncarrier program that does away with subsidized smartphone pricing. The 32GB model costs $199.99, and the 64GB model is priced at $299.99.

T-Mobile's Uncarrier plans let customers buy an iPhone without an annual service contract, unlike AT&T and Verizon's subsidized iPhone prices with a required two-year contract. The company is offering iPhone owners unlimited talk time for $50 a month, and 2GB of data for $10 a month or unlimited data for $20 a month.

The iPhone 4S will be priced starting at $69.99 down with $20 a month payments, and the iPhone 4 will cost $14.99 with $20 a month payments.

T-Mobile will also offer HD Voice support ahead of AT&T and Verizon, making the carrier the first in the U.S. to support the iPhone 5's higher quality voice quality feature.

Customers that don't want to pre-order, but hope to get their hands on a T-Mobile compatible iPhone 5 can pick theirs up starting on April 12 at T-Mobile and Apple stores.

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T-Mobile's iPhone plans do away with subsidies in favor of financing the full price of the phone, and once it's paid off that cost drops off customer's monthly bill. Assuming customers like the idea, T-Mobile's gamble could be just the boost the carrier needs.



I remember the even back in the day, T•Mobile’s plans beat all the others.  I wish them well.

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