T-Mobile Disses iPhone for Being on AT&T

T-Mobile has launched a new TV spot touting its MyTouch 4G Android device by dissing the iPhone for being on AT&T. Shot for TV, the ad is getting some strong numbers on YouTube, where it was posted Tuesday (78,032 views as of this writing).

The spot was produced in the same vein as Apple’s “I’m a Mac” TV commercials, and presents the MyTouch 4G as a beautiful young woman. The iPhone 4G is presented as a youngish hipster-with-an-actual-but-not-too-formal-job, with AT&T as the proverbial monkey on his back in the form of a stodgy, balding, and overweight business suit.

The three engage in the following discussion:

Hot Chick: Hi, I’m a T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

iPhone 4 Dude: And I’m an iPhone 4

HC: Who’s your friend?

Dude: Oh, it’s the ol’ AT&T network (clearly straining from the load).

HC: (Unpleasant look marring her beautiful face) That’ll slow you down.

Dude: (Looks at camera, voice straining from the burden) That’s the price I pay for 3G speed.

HC: Bummer. 4G with T-Mobile lets me video chat practically anywhere.

AT&T Monkey: (Despondent, voice redolent with apathy) Well iPhone 4 can FaceTime video chat anywhere there’s WiFi…Like, say, an airport.

Dude: (Distinctly uncomfortable) You know, you suddenly seem heavier.

The purpose of the add appears to be to criticize AT&T, and the iPhone for being limited to AT&T in the U.S., though only AT&T is presented in a disparaging light. Indeed, the only bad thing said about the iPhone — that you can only video chat through WiFi — is said by the AT&T character, and not the iPhone or T-Mobile character.

We should also note that T-Mobile does have the first 4G network in the U.S., but that its coverage is somewhat limited. Nonetheless, FaceTime is limited to WiFi on Apple’s iPhone.

New T-Mobile Spot