TAG Heuer Introduces $6,750 Android Smartphone

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It’s no secret that some of the staff at The Mac Observer are timepiece fans, more particularly fans of mechanical watches. It’s rare, however, that the horological world intrudes into the Mac, iPhone, iPad universe, however, which is why we were so pleased to cover De Bethune’s iPhone 4 case. Today, we have more crossover news, sort of: Entry-level luxury watch maker TAG Heuer is entering the smartphone market with a € 4,700 (roughly US$6,750) Android-based device.

Better yet, it’s based on Android 2.2, a version of Google’s platform that’s a couple of generations old. Never fear, though, because you can have your Android 2.2 device with a steel, 18-carat rose gold, or titanium finished case, and you can get it accented with rubber; calfskin, alligator, lizard or carbon leather trims.

According to LuxuryWatches, it also features a Gorilla Glass screen on a 3.5” display, and it comes with 256MB of RAM and an 8GB memory card. Oh and it has a button that looks like a traditional watch winder on the side, as you can see in the image below. If you scroll below the image, you’ll find a promotional video posted by TAG to YouTube.

TAG Heuer Link Smartphone

TAG Heuer Link Smartphone

Promotional Video of TAG Heuer Link Smartphone

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Definitely falls under the “more dollars than sense” category.


And Bosco says that Apple customers pay too much.

This item is for people with more money than smarts.

Owww, that smarts!


Ha ha ha ha ha!!! How ridiculous can you get?! Like Gunhedd said, the only people who will purchase are 1) Stoopid, and 2) Rich.


This phone will the biggest flop ever Microsoft has lost the crown!


Perfect example of Function following Form.


The specs aren’t so great, but you’ve gotta cut costs somewhere. Had to keep it under $7k.

Ryan Ragle

Is it water resistant to 100m? Then some might be interested.

Lee Dronick

As much as I like timepieces I think that I will stick with my Emerald Chronometer iPad app and my old mechanical pocket watches.



That’s a lot of money to pay for an out-of-date Android OS on a phone that, IMHO, is just plain ugly. Of course, I’m writing this while wearing a Fossil digital watch—yes, digital—so my taste in timepieces and related stuff like these phones isn’t exactly mainstream.

Lee Dronick

I?m writing this while wearing a Fossil digital watch?yes, digital?so my taste in timepieces and related stuff like these phones isn?t exactly mainstream.

I have an Apple wristwatch that was gifted to me, but I never wore it and it is still in the original box. Looks like the 3rd one from the left in this collection http://blog.louisgray.com/2009/02/real-apple-fanboys-only-have-apple.html. Other than the Apple logo it is pretty much a swag electric watch.

Now a steampunk iPhone case like this one would be nice http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3354/4635617555_d0aacb786f.jpg


Buying any phone for that amount of money is ridiculous, but don’t just go bashing a $7k android phone, you have to remember these monstrosities as well:
$7k for a phone is bad, $40k is ludicrous and whoever pays $8million is asking to be killed and have their phone stolen.

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