Taiwan Leak Shows Verizon UTMS/CDMA iPhone for Q3 2010

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Apple is working on a UTMS/CDMA hybrid iPhone that would allow the company to offer the device through Verizon in the third quarter of 2010. The news comes through an analyst research note from OTR Global reported by AppleInsider, and is based on supposed leaks from Apple's Taiwan manufacturing chain.

As a hybrid device, Apple would be able to offer it through both AT&T's UTMS 3G network, as well as Verizon's larger, but older, CDMA network. This would be enabled by a new chip developed by Qualcomm. The new phones would be manufactured by Pegatron, a subsidiary of the large manufacturing firm Asustek.

OTR's report would also be smaller than current iPhone models, with a 2.8" screen, though there was no mention of what resolution this display might feature. Display resolution would be a big factor in whether or not the 100,000 iPhone apps currently on the App Store would be compatible with such a device.

Assuming, of course, OTR Global's sources are accurate to begin with. Rumors of an on-again, off-again deal with Verizon have been circulating for more than a year. Those rumors were heating up as AT&T's exclusivity deal with Apple neared its end, but were dampened when Verizon recently began its "There A Map For That" commercial that indirectly criticized the iPhone by denigrating AT&T's 3G coverage.

Be that as it may, however, OTR's report said that a deal between the two companies has already been reached.


Bryan Chaffin

I’m not going to hold my breath on this one.

The screen size, in particular, seems fishy to me. I’ve often thought about the challenge that changing the display size of future iPhones might represent for Apple. Any fracturing of the App Store could result in customer confusion, something that Apple works hard to prevent.

That said, Apple could certainly introduce some kind of compatibility thing that would upscale or downscale unaltered apps automagically.

I don’t know, though. We’ll have to see.


Don’t CMDA phones draw more power, so need a bigger battery? The iPhone is already underpowered as it is.


I this rumor actually has legs…I wonder whose 3rd quarter?  Apple’s Q3 is July through September.

Bryan Chaffin

It would be calendar Q3 unless otherwise specified.


The rumor: Apple comes to Verizon.

This thread: there’s a roadmapppppp for that.

(well maybe, I’m not holding my breath yet because unless the deal’s been long signed and sealed, Verizon’s current marketing campaign is likely to tick off more than a few people at Apple.


I wonder whose 3rd quarter?  Apple?s Q3 is July through September.

No - that’s Apple’s fourth quarter. Apple uses the same year as the Federal Government - October to September.

So ... we still wonder whose 3rd quarter.

Bryan Chaffin

As I noted above, it’s calendar 3rd quarter unless otherwise noted.


great. thanks


Guys The CDMA technology that Sprint and Verizon use is actually NEWER than the GSM that AT&T uses. AT&T has the “Smaller and older network.”

Oh and the the batterie question CDMA technology offers lower talk time than GSM because the transmitter (CDMA) is active all the time vs GSM’s ability to idle.

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