Teen Jewelry Designer Recycles Macs into Fashion Accessories

Las Vegas — Apple’s Mac computers make a fashion statement all on their own, and Taylor Burghard’s jewelry takes that a step further by letting you show off your tech flair with style. Her jewelry stands on its own despite the fact that she’s only 13 years old — a fact that’s easy to overlook thanks to her eye for design and business savvy.

TekChick founder Taylor BurghardTekChick founder Taylor Burghard

Taylor makes her jewelry out of recycled keys from Apple laptops and old memory chips. She launched her company, TekChick Designs, after friends and other people started asking about her earrings and necklaces. Her company isn’t quite a year old yet, but she already has distribution deals for her growing product lineup, and doesn’t have any problems handling negotiations.

Along with her standard earrings, necklaces and keychains, her company also offers custom designs from shopper requests.

TekChick Command Key earringsTekChick Command Key earrings

“People like the messages on my earrings,” she said. “The holiday designs were really popular presents.”

While Taylor may not be old enough to drive, she isn’t sitting still, and neither is her business. TekChick Designs is exhibiting at CES this week, and will be at Macworld | iWorld Expo, too. Her designs are available through the TekChick Designs website, Dr. Bott, other independent retailers — and probably at a store near you soon, too.