Teen Model Sues Apple Over Stolen iPhoto Pics

19 year old Rebecca Battino is suing Apple and iPhone app company Samba Studios over risque self portraits she snapped with her digital camera that managed to find their way into the eXtreme Cam Girls iPhone app. Ms. Battino took the photos when she was 16, according to the New York Post, and she isn’t saying how they went from iPhoto on her Mac into the Samba Studios app.

While Ms. Battino is remaining tight-lipped over how the pics made the jump from her personal iPhoto library into eXtreme Cam Girls, she’s more than happy to express her anger over not getting compensated for the shots.

“I was just upset that I’m not being paid for my pictures,” she said. “I’m not embarrassed.”

Apple Store guidelines prohibit developers from including pornography in apps, so Ms. Battino was most likely at least partially dressed in the shots. Anyone hoping to check out what all the fuss is about, however, will be out of luck since the app has been pulled from Apple’s App Store.

Since Apple didn’t make the app and isn’t responsible for the app’s content, Ms. Battino may have a difficult time moving forward with a case against the company.

Apple and Samba Studios have not commented on the lawsuit.