The Bridge of Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-D at MacTech (Photo Gallery)

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As a "perk" for MacTech attendees, the non-profit organization, New Starship, setup a full replica of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was a great addition to the conference, and I put together a photo gallery so you could see it, too.

According to New Starship Founder and CEO Huston Huddleston, these props are partially from the (now defunct) Vegas experience and mostly from the touring production thereof. It's a work in progress: many of the pieces have been refinished or reupholstered, but every single bit of work has been to bring things closer and closer to the way they were on the show itself. Long term (and with enough donations) the plan is to turn each of the "prop" screens into fully-functioning touchscreens in a permanent installation serving dual purpose as a museum and learning center.

Bringing in classrooms of students to "fly" the Enterprise and execute missions will allow for a fun and immersive learning opportunity where physics, rocket science and more can be learned "accidentally" — and quite intentionally — along the way. You can learn more – and even make a donation if you so choose – at

The Enterprise Bridge

View from Tactical

From the back

A rarely-seen angle

Lit-up displays

Pilot's station

More displays

Left arm of Captain's Chair

Right arm of Captain's Chair

See "Brent Spiner" and "Whoopi Goldberg" Easter Eggs

The Captain(?) in the Chair

Even More Easter Eggs in the Engineering Warning Stickers!

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Star Trek, not Start Trek


You said many of the props are from the Vegas Star Trek Experience.  We enjoyed that several times. The most memorable visit was renewing our wedding vows on the deck of the enterprise on our 25th anniversary.  The highlight was wearing formal uniforms and having our picture taken in the captain’s chair.



Just getting to this. Very cool, indeed. ‘The Captain’? Why not?

Anything that can inspire young minds towards science, and the joy of learning, is a good thing, and Star Trek has punched well above its weight as a television show in this regard.

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