The Hackintosh ‘Mac Pro 2013 Replica’ Built from an Actual Trash Can

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Let's say that you're really talented, have a fondness for Apple's new Mac Pro, and not only have some computer parts lying around, but this nifty trash can called the Authentics 1200614 Bad-Abfalleimer LUNAR sold by Amazon Germany?

The Trashcan

Step One

If you're an unnamed user in Germany, you do the only thing you can, and that's set about turning that trash can into a PC case and fitting all those unused parts into it (spotted by 9to5Mac). The result is a hackintosh (a home-built PC running OS X) with a Core i3 (Haswell) processor, a Radeon 7750 graphics card, both an SDD and a hard drive, all powered by an ATX PSU.

It's nowhere near as powerful as Apple's Mac Pro, and it's larger—the LUNAR is 28cm x 19cm, while the Mac Pro is 25.1cm x 16.8cm—but it's otherwise the spitting image, and I think that's frakking awesome.

There are lots of pictures in the forum post where it was shared, but here are some highlights:

Painstaking Work

A Partially-Assembled Handcrafted-Bottom/Air Intake


The Innards


Taking Shape


Painting the Case


The Final Result

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This “replica” is neither a replica of a real Mac Pro or cool. Internals look like they were put together by a 10 year old and an i3? This just proves that most Hackintoshes are the real garbage cans be they square or round.


What is it about Sir Jon Ive. First its toilet seat inspiration for first iBook. then trash cans for the Mac Pro. Is he trying to tell us something: crap and rubbish.    : )


Apple ‘could’ have made the MacPro just a bit taller and a bit fatter. This would have increased the thermal envelope, allowed a beefier PSU, allowed faster GPU’s and maybe even allowed dual CPU’s.
I have a MacMini, I’d love it to have desktop components, but it doesn’t and that means the machine basically flounders under pressure. I also have a gorgeous ACD so I don’t want an iMac. I’d drop the cash in a trice if this MacPro had a consumer version, i7, a consumer GPU and came in at a more affordable price….
Have a look at, you will see that the base model is slower than the top iMac, in some tests. Your software has to be dual GPU aware, otherwise you are wasting time. It does perform nicely with FCPX, Motion, but so what, people need it for Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Da Vinci Resolve….



I built a Hackintosh to act as a media box, it’s an i3 3.3Ghz on a Gigabyte MoBo running 10.9, 16GB Ram, and 4 HDDs (platter kind) and it cost me less than AU$350. I did recycle aHDD or 2, an optical drive, a USB Bluetooth dongle, and the EyeTV software & hardware.

Using the built in HDMI & DVI-D I can output to both a 23” monitor and a flatscreen tv.

I use it to run EyeTV and 2 EyeTV USB Diversity receivers and an Elgato h264.HD dongle.

It works great, and I get the advantage of running Os X.

So I can’t see what you’re whinging about.

Granted it takes a little planning & consideration regarding operational requirements for parts selection, but there are great resources out on the interweb that will get even a novice up and running.


@jfh17 I for one am dying to see one of your creations.


@jfh17: You seem to be getting carried away here just a little bit. The guy didn’t just build a computer that looks similar to a new MacPro that starts at $2999 or so, he actually built one that looks similar to the unique “Product Red” Mac Pro that was sold for several hundred thousand dollars.

And he did this _for fun_ which seems a concept entirely alien to you. This isn’t Dell trying to build a Mac Pro competitor, this is a guy having fun and building a cheap computer that looks like a Mac Pro. You say the internals look like built by a ten year old. Could you have built it? I seriously doubt it. If you can, photographic evidence would be welcome, but I somehow can’t see that coming.

Abdulah Mohamed

Apple started to play trashcan game with us, we will dump’em out as we say

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