The Hackintosh 'Mac Pro 2013 Replica' Built from an Actual Trash Can

Let's say that you're really talented, have a fondness for Apple's new Mac Pro, and not only have some computer parts lying around, but this nifty trash can called the Authentics 1200614 Bad-Abfalleimer LUNAR sold by Amazon Germany?

The Trashcan

Step One

If you're an unnamed user in Germany, you do the only thing you can, and that's set about turning that trash can into a PC case and fitting all those unused parts into it (spotted by 9to5Mac). The result is a hackintosh (a home-built PC running OS X) with a Core i3 (Haswell) processor, a Radeon 7750 graphics card, both an SDD and a hard drive, all powered by an ATX PSU.

It's nowhere near as powerful as Apple's Mac Pro, and it's larger—the LUNAR is 28cm x 19cm, while the Mac Pro is 25.1cm x 16.8cm—but it's otherwise the spitting image, and I think that's frakking awesome.

There are lots of pictures in the forum post where it was shared, but here are some highlights:

Painstaking Work

A Partially-Assembled Handcrafted-Bottom/Air Intake


The Innards


Taking Shape


Painting the Case


The Final Result