THE LIST: Every Developer TMO Has Interviewed at WWDC

Since 2009, The Mac Observer has been interviewing Apple developers at WWDC to take the pulse of the developer community and allow them to tell their stories to the readers. All of these interviews has been extraordinary, and we thought it was time to provide links to every interview for reference.

The interviews are listed alphabetically by the developer's last name.

Developer Company Date Interview
Marco Arment Instapaper 2011 Marco Arment & Instapaper’s Reading List
Glen Aspeslagh Ecamm Network 2012 WWDC: The Evolution & Struggles of a Small Developer: Ecamm Network
Serguei Beloussov Parallels 2009 TMO Interviews Parallels: The Best is Yet To Come
Mike Bombich 2012 WWDC: Working for Apple Wasn’t Enough: Mike Bombich
Dan Bricklin 2010 TMO Interviews Dan Bricklin of VisiCalc Fame, Part I
Dan Bricklin 2010 TMO Interviews Dan Bricklin of VisiCalc Fame, Part II
Dan Burcaw Double Encore 2009 TMO Interviews Double Encore: Boosting the Nextgen iPhone Developers
Ken Case The Omni Group 2010 TMO Interviews The Omni Group: Working with Apple
John Chaffee BusyMac 2009 TMO Interviews John Chaffee: BusyCal Designed to Replace iCal
Albert Cheng Disney-ABC Television Group 2010 TMO Interviews Disney-ABC TV Group About the ABC Player
Marc Edwards Bjango 2013 Marc Edwards at WWDC: Customers Will Be Shocked to See iOS 7
Kevin Hoctor No Thirst 2013 Kevin Hoctor at WWDC: People Need a Great Money App; I Made One
Alykhan Jetha Marketcircle 2009 TMO Interviews Marketcircle: Apple Platform Changes Bring New Opportunities
Paul Kafasis Rogue Amoeba 2010 TMO Interviews Rogue Amoeba: It’s All About the Audio
Peter Kelly UX Productivity 2013 WWDC: Peter Kelly Forsakes Android for Joys of iPad Coding
Reid Lewis GroupLogic 2009 TMO Interviews GroupLogic: WWDC is Eye Opener for Executives
Scott Morrison Indev 2013 From Teaching Religion to Writing Mail Act-On & MailTags - Scott Morrison at WWDC
Dave Peck Cloak 2013 Dave Peck at WWDC: Making VPN Fun and Easy (for a Change)
Joe Pezzillo 2013 WWDC: Tell me What YOUR Brilliant Idea is! Joe Pezzillo
Stefan Reitshamer Haystack 2011 Haystack Developer: Listen to Your Customers
Mickey Roberson MRR Software 2009 WWDC TMO Interviews: MRR Software
Chris Ryland Em Software 2009 TMO Interviews Em Software: Perils of the Niche iPhone Developer
Ben Satterfield 23Divide 2011 TestFlight’s Robin Hood Developer
Greg Scown SmileOnMyMac 2010 TMO Interviews SmileOnMyMac: A Developer Perspective
Max Seeleman The Soulmen 2012 WWDC: Max Seelemann - If I’d Stayed in School, I’d Die
Steve Shepard Storyist 2009 TMO Interviews Storyist: The Story Behind the Story
Brent Simmons Ranchero/Q Branch 2013 Brent Simmons at WWDC: Gruber & Wiskus are Trying to Kill Me!
Andrew Stone Stone Design 2009 TMO Interviews Andrew Stone: Developing For the iPhone for 20 Years
Andrew Stone Stone Design 2011 Andrew Stone: App Developer’s Obi Wan
Brittany Tarvin FadingRed 2012 WWDC: FadingRed Finds Opportunity in Bad Backup Habits
Dave Teare



Dave Teare at WWDC: How One Month for 1Password Became 8 Years
Jim Teece We-Envision/Art Authority 2010 TMO Interviews We-Envision: The Art of Software, Part I
Jim Teece We-Envision/Art Authority 2010 TMO Interviews We-Envision: The Art of Software, Part II
Jason Titus Shazam 2012 WWDC: Boosting Our Interaction with Music: Shazam
Erika Torazzina Vito Technology 2009 TMO Interviews Vito Tech: iPhone Apps, From Russia with Stars
Bruno Virlet The Grizzly Labs 2013 Bruno Virlet at WWDC: Apple is Taking a Big Risk with iOS 7
Alf Watt iStumbler 2013 Alf Watt at WWDC: The Journey from iStumbler to Apple and Beyond
James Wilson Lithium 2011 Serendipity Strikes Lithium & Tweed

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