The Small But Important Things I Learned Since Apple’s March 21 Event

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It's always fun to watch an Apple event. We learn a lot, and Apple puts on a great show. But, inevitably, there are many little things to learn about after the show is over. Here are some of those tidbits of knowledge I've picked up.

1. Other than the display size, there are interesting differences between the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Here's the comparison chart. For example, while both have the A9X SoC, the smaller iPad Pro isn't as fast. Also, according to the same Cult of Mac article just linked:

The A9X processor isn’t the only trade-off buyers have to consider between the two models. Apple included USB-3 support on the 12.9-inch model’s Lightning port, but the 9.7-inch iPad Pro only supports USB 2.0 speeds.

2. If you thought the upgrade to El Capitan from 10.11.3 to 10.11.4 had a modest list of features, recall that there are always a boatload of important security patches. This list of security enhancements in 10.11.4 will make you want to upgrade right away . Some are geeky, but some can and should prompt you into action.

3. You may not be particularly excited about Apple's new iPhone SE with a 4-inch display, but plenty of other people are, and most of them are probably not in the U.S. This article at CNET explains in some detail: "Apple turns to smaller iPhone to win over China, India." Namely:

The company is hoping the combination of higher-end specs and lower-end price on its new 4-inch iPhone SE will help Apple find new buyers in the world's largest smartphone markets.

This is essential if Apple is to ignite new iPhone growth and stymie its competitors. Now you know.

By the way, here's Apple's current iPhone comparison chart.

4. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is very similar to the iPad Air 2. In fact, they have the same external dimensions. But because of the addition of Apple's Smart Connector and the new speaker configuration, Mac Rumors points out that "iPad Air 2 Smart Covers Not Recommended for 9.7-inch iPad Pro."

5. One of the things that probably caused the FBI to cancel its court hearing with Apple on March 22nd was technical knowledge. Apple likely could have shown, to the courts satisfaction, that the FBI didn't need Apple's help to break into the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. The information has been available since March 7th, and the FBI's case probably would have been vacated in light of this technical knowledge. See: "One of the FBI’s Major Claims in the iPhone Case Is Fraudulent." But the ultimate clash has merely been postponed, not resolved.

It's nice to know the little things.


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I learned that despite putting down Samsung for it’s myriad of phone product that Apple now has 5 phones on the market; also learned that they jacked up the price of the iPad Air by $100 and called it the new iPad Pro. Way to go Apple.

Paul Goodwin

CudaBoy - quote me one instance where Apple bashed Samsung for a myriad of phones. They may have bashed the screwed up Android world with it’s myriad of OS versions. And the 9.7” iPad Pro has significant differences from the iPad Air 2 to warrant it being more expensive than what an iPad Air is today.. The 32 GB Pro is the same $599 price as the 32GB iPad Air 2 was when it was introduced. They lowered the price of the iPad Air 2.

Again, you’re talking out of your rearward facing orifice.


Significant differences? Like what? Base storage is better but same screen res plus a gimmick (the “true tone bit”....
Add the pencil and keyboard and it’s $847 or $50 less than Macbook Air. Looks like a sneaky price raise of the iPad2 Air.
Not Apple, THIS SITE bashed Samsung for it’s vast array of choices and I can absolutely show you those instances as Apple ups there array to 5 phones. I understand Apple is losing mobile market share but then you have to ask yourself why?

Paul Goodwin

2x RAM, Front and Rear Cameras are better, 1.8x iPad Air 2 Processor, audio. The price starts at $599, like I said, same as the 16GB iPad Air 2 when it first came out Who needs a pencil and a keyboard on an iPad? Not me. I’d probably spring for the 64GB model. The iPad is still the best tablet - the world voted. The iPad Pro 9.7 is not just an iPad Air 2 with the price jacked up like you said. Go down to the store and buy one. It’s one of the best computing devices ever invented, and it keeps getting better. And they last. I’m still using my 2011 iPad 2.


I understand. You know half my rants are good natured jabs at Apple. I see cracks in their methods - a lot of what the eschew they end up copying like the Surface’ pencil and keys, Samsung’s big (phone) screens Google Wallet etc. Removable batteries would be nice to copy…
Regarding the “better” cameras on the new Pad - seriously, have you ever seen anybody lift up a big slab and take a picture? Thought so.
OAN, I wish Apple would come out with a unique new product that has more to do with computing and less to do with Mobile toys. None of these new toy SKUs will increase their mkt share imo. Apple led the way with desktop printing back in the day with the Postscript deal; how cool would it be if they made 3D printing accessible to everybody since those babies are sub-$1k now. (remember when laser printers were $3000?)

Lee Dronick

That’s hilarious Lee. You didn’t happen to see Jimmy Kimmel the other night (last night?) - the bit where he queries people on the street about things “Lie Witness News” or some such - and lets the people just screw themselves? He gave people 2 identical iPhone 5s and told him one was the NEW one and asked them if they could tell which one was the new one? Oh man…. too funny. Everybody thought one or the other was slightly faster, slightly thinner, definitely hipper etc. - and of course they were identical. Talk about the the Reality Distortion Field!

Lee Dronick

  You know half my rants are good natured jabs

  And the other half? smile

I missed the Kimmel show, but I have seen such routines “Stop women’s suffrage” and so on. They are a hoot. Nice gold dress smile

Paul Goodwin

I had a Mac SE that cost $3250 and a $3300 LaserWriter. My wife used them to start a desktop publishing business in 1988. She wanted to put an add in the Bell phone book. They asked her what category she wanted her ad in. She told them desktop publishing. The said they didn’t have that category and didn’t know what that was.

Paul Goodwin

Haha Lee on the comic strip.

Paul Goodwin

I’d get the smaller phone if I didn’t occasionally need a bigger screen for Nav in the car. I still use my iPhone 4 as an iPod.

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