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Apple cofounder Steve "The Woz" Wozniak thinks that Apple has allowed itself to fall behind Android in some features. In other areas, Mr. Wozniak said that competitors have caught up to Apple, and he praised Samsung for making great devices.

The Woz

Steve Wozniak
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Woz made the comments to Wirtschafts Woche, a German publication. The comments we are quoting in this article were translated into German by the magazine, and then back into English by Google Translate, making for some curious wording that won't directly reflect his specific wording.

The publication asked Mr. Wozniak about the "increasing doubts" about whether or not Apple can continue to enjoy the incredible success the company has experienced over the last ten years.

Mr. Wozniak said that Apple's brand is strong because its customers are so loyal, adding that this loyalty has been earned by the Cupertino company by making the best products on the market.

The designer of the Apple I and Apple II said, "Currently, [however], we are in my opinion in the smartphone business with the features somewhat behind. Others have caught up. Samsung is a great competitor. But precisely because they are currently making great products."

He added that it's too soon to know how Apple will do without the other Steve, Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.

"It usually takes at least two years to come up there fresh things," he said. "I hope, however, that Apple has great managers who are guided in their decisions by the Apple culture of the past. I hope that the quest is always for the best products for its customers receive."

He also pointed out that the reason he waits in line at new Apple product releases is because he likes Apple's devices.

"The launch of a new Apple product is for me like a big, major concert in which you absolutely must attend personally," he said. "It's history. Sure, I could order online or call the store manager so that the smuggled me out the back door. But that would be nothing. No, I will have the experience like any normal customer. But one thing is certain. If Apple would make lousy products, I would not be in line."

Mr. Wozniak has a long history of being honest about his opinions of Apple, a company he is still symbolically employed by. He is also known for carrying multiple smartphones as he tries out the latest technology available.

[Via AppleInsider]

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Woz, you know, just shut up!


Who cares ... like the Woz has created tons of breakthrough products that people around the world want and has a highly valued company. The guy had his shot at fame, but after leaving Apple, he never achieved anything else. So why does his opinion matter at all—no credibility.


Oh, I’m soooo tired of this. I, for one, do not give a rats ass what Woz thinks about Apple. Sure he’s a legend, but what has he done for us lately? He’s a has-been who gets verbal diarrhea every time he’s asked a leading question. His off-the-cuff opinions on that subject mean no more and no less than that of any other observer and I wish he’d just STFU.


Woz is a moron.


Wow!  Where does all that anger B.S. come from?



Steve Wozniak became a grade school teacher, he’s the reason why Apple donated so many Apple computers to schools over the years. The Woz’s passion has been educating children, I would say his successes can measured in every child he taught.

Bryan Chaffin

I’m with daemon.

It’s curious to me that even someone like The Woz can earn such invectives for the sin of criticizing Apple.  It’s not limited to our coverage, either. I noticed all manner of personal attacks in article comments on many other sites that covered this topic.


I think that maybe Apple should ask The Woz if he wouldn’t like to come back for a while. He certainly knows what is going on with both Apple and the competition…could be interesting…


Aside from Woz comments, this is how I see the last year or two.

In the months up to SJ’s death, I must have been difficult for Apple to make many long term strategic decisions. Following his death would be another period of instability within the management (look at all the mis-hires, departures etc).

From all accounts SJ had a real anathema towards ‘large’ phones, it could have been difficult to turn that strategy around quickly. So in the meantime, Samsung etc, decided to try out big phones and get a jump on innovation whilst Apple seemed still a bit mired in the SJ legacy.

I’m sure if SJ was still alive and healthy, Apple would have a whole line of different sized phones by now and all the criticism wouldn’t be happening.

So maybe Apple is playing some catch-up here, let’s hope they don’t stumble….

Lee Dronick

Are these large phones “large” or just slightly larger? I suppose that I should go heft one before offering an opinion. Anyway, yes Apple’s competition may have some features that the iPhone lacks, or does not yet have, but how many people other than geeks are going to dump it because some the Samsung has intermittent headlight wipers.


I come not denigrate Woz but to praise him. He was the features guy! Steve was the Zen guy. Together they made features seem effortless.

Lee Dronick

True that ctopher, you have be on the corner of Technology Drive and Liberal Arts Ave.


It seems to me that Woz is mainly talking about “features,” and I guess he is referring to things you can do with Android phones that you can’t do with the iPhone (thus the jail breakers.) And in this, he may be right. But, of course, we’re talking about two completely different approaches to operating system, and this has been (and will be) discussed endlessly.

However, I believe that Woz is wrong if he is referring to the iPhone as a device itself.  NO Samsung product that I have seen can equal the design and build quality of the iPhone 5.


Bryan, I don’t hate Woz, but he has talked a lot in the last few years, with few good things to say about Apple. Fine if he doesn’t like the iPhone as well as others, but I don’t really care and don’t want to hear it. The mainstream press uses it to run Apple down, to which he should be more sensitive. It is the same with celebrities getting political; I don’t really care what they think either, but they seem to think everyone wants to hear their rants.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Ugh! This is where you get The Dümblaüt (Florian) to offer his expertise rather than rely on Google Translate. #GermanExpert

John Dingler, artist

I feel uneasy about Apple’s future each time after reading Woz’s critical comments. I hope that his criticisms are helpful warnings from the town crier, the signal from a sentinel.


People who know who Woz is could care less about his opinion because they know he’s so willing to say anything to a writer/reporter to provide a juicy soundbite/headline. People who don’t know who he is could care less about his opinion. Period.

Either way, he’s just a guy with an opinion. He offers absolutely nothing of value in the arena because he hasn’t been a part of it for decades.

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