iPhone 4 Glif Stand: Concept to Product in Five Months

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — At this week’s Macworld Expo, Studio Neat introduced the Glif, a tripod mount and stand for your iPhone 4. Tom Gerhard and his partner Dan Provost told The Mac Observer the story of how this small company went from concept to market in only five months.

The Glif

The concept for the Glif came to Tom and Dan in July 2010. To receive funding for their concept, they approached Kickstarter, the the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world.

Pledges for funding started in October of 2010, and the initial goal of $10,000 was reached by November 2010. During this time, they created the design, used a service called Shapeways to create on-demand 3D models, worked on a promotional campaign, develop the final model, created packaging, and use Shipwire for fulfillment.

The result? We met these gentlemen on the show floor, and they had product ready to sell, and were using an iPad and the Square platform to accept payment and generate a receipt. The Glif is priced at US$20, with a show special price of $17.