The iPad’s On-Again, Off-Again Camera

| iPad

The latest version of the software development kit (SDK) for Apple’s iPad eliminates icons for accepting and declining video chats that were found in a previous version. 9To5Mac uncovered the original reference to video chatting and posted the news on Wednesday about the change.

Adding fuel to the original fire was a revelation by the company Mission:Repair, which received iPad repair parts on February 1 and posted a photo of an iPad frame that shows a spot where the iSight from a MacBook Pro fit perfectly.

So why cut those videoconferencing icons from the SDK, if the first-generation iPad doesn’t have a camera anyway? PC World acknowledged that it was probably so developers wouldn’t be confused, but the site also posed this theory: “I'd say Apple doesn't want people modding their iPads with MacBook cameras and hacking the iPad SDK to create jailbroken video chat apps.”



It probably got removed to produce even more hype. bookmarked

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