The iPad’s On-Again, Off-Again Camera

The latest version of the software development kit (SDK) for Apple’s iPad eliminates icons for accepting and declining video chats that were found in a previous version. 9To5Mac uncovered the original reference to video chatting and posted the news on Wednesday about the change.

Adding fuel to the original fire was a revelation by the company Mission:Repair, which received iPad repair parts on February 1 and posted a photo of an iPad frame that shows a spot where the iSight from a MacBook Pro fit perfectly.

So why cut those videoconferencing icons from the SDK, if the first-generation iPad doesn’t have a camera anyway? PC World acknowledged that it was probably so developers wouldn’t be confused, but the site also posed this theory: “I'd say Apple doesn't want people modding their iPads with MacBook cameras and hacking the iPad SDK to create jailbroken video chat apps.”