The Widespread Impact of Apple’s Stock

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With Apple’s share price currently north of US$340 (it was at $345.49 at 9:42 AM Eastern time on Wednesday, up 1.42%), few people can afford to buy many shares on their own, but the stock’s ups and downs actually affect many people, noted the Wall Street Journal’s Brett Arends.

“Apple is everywhere on Wall Street,” according to Mr. Arends. “Few stocks are as widely held in regular mutual funds as well as in hedge funds. Few affect the performance of so many retirement portfolios. This is especially unusual because Apple is such a volatile growth stock. In recent years it’s fallen by two-thirds and it’s quadrupled. Most of the other shares that crop up in every portfolio are dull ones like Exxon Mobil or Procter & Gamble or Johnson & Johnson.”

He pointed out that 4,100 mutual funds hold Apple stock, with more than 750 of them putting at least 5% of their portfolio in AAPL and over 100 placing at least 10% of their assets there. In comparison, Exxon shows up in 3,630 funds and P&G in 3,200 of them, although Microsoft is held in nearly 4,800.

Mr. Arend also wrote: “And Apple alone accounts for more than a fifth of the widely followed Nasdaq 100 Index. Anyone investing in that index — such as through the widely-held PowerShares QQQ Trust — may think they are spreading their money broadly across all of America’s top technology stocks. But, in truth, you are investing more of your money in Apple than you are in Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco Systems — put together!”




Considering all the “analysts” who love to prognosticate (and we read their missives here a lot, this is TRULY a telling story. The analysts got it wrong. The bloggers got it right. Read through the names in both charts. It’s very eye opening. Sorry folks at Piper Jaffray, your man failed miserably!

How the professionals blew it!


I missed a )



@Tiger Wow, if those results are typical of the last few years’, those analyst should lose their jobs. 

As I always said, paid analysts are a logical impossibility.  If they’re so good, why are they sharing their forecasts instead of keeping it to themselves and just make money in the stock market?


@ Tiger

Maynard Hmmm!

Daniel Neal

Apple stock is selling at $338.84 in after market trading.

Guess now that the great earnings have been digested, the Job’s news is starting to hit.

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