Third Party Lightning Accessories Arrive in Apple Stores

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The wait is over for iPhone 5 owners hoping to walk into an Apple Store and buy third party accessories that are compatible with the smartphone's new Lightning connector. So far, only car chargers are available, but other compatible accessories are likely coming soon.

Lightning-compatible car chargers now in Apple retail storesLightning-compatible car chargers now in Apple retail stores

Lightning-compatible accessories with Apple's official approval have been slow coming because the company has apparently taken its time ramping up its review process. With companies finally getting the green light, we should start seeing more Lightning devices on store shelves in the coming weeks.

Several manufacturers exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week told The Mac Observer they have Lightning accessories ready to go, but are currently waiting on Apple to complete its licensing approval process.

Apple's Barton Creek store in Austin shows off Lightning accessoriesApple's Barton Creek store in Austin shows off Lightning accessories

The images we have of in-store Lightning accessories come courtesy of TMO reader Terry who was visiting the Barton Creek Apple Store in Austin, Texas. If you're seeing Lightning accessories in your local Apple Store let us know in the article comments.

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Lee Dronick

“So far, only car chargers are available”

So much for the statement of the chucklehead business reporter on TV this morning who said that the reason that iPhone 5 sales were down was because no car charger is available. Never the mind that you can always plug a Lightning to USB cable into one of the many USB car chargers.

Jeff Gamet

I’ve been using a USB chargers in my car since before the iPhone 5 came out. That certainly wasn’t something that kept me from buying.

Lee Dronick

Same here Jeff.  If he was clueless about that then I would be wary of his business and investment suggestions.


Am I the only one who’s constantly confusing Thunderbolt and Lightning connectors?  I read that headline and thought, “At last!  I can get some accessories for that port on my MacBook Air….”

Lee Dronick

“Am I the only one who’s constantly confusing Thunderbolt and Lightning connectors?”

It was a movie Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. smile

Yes, I could see how they would be confusing. I wonder if Apple did that on purpose or it is just a coincidence.


Bought a Just Wireless charger in the Apple store and I am a very happy customer.
Belkin is getting slow and out of touch - I exchanged my Belkin charger for a JW Charger bc it was very poorly made and did not charge my iPhone. Very happy with my Just Wireless charger and quite honestly it doesnt take much to make me happy - just let the charger work! And Belkins did not.

Lee Lyons

It seems ALL iPhone 5 cords are junk. I’ve been through 6 in the year and a half I’ve had my phone. 2 of them were Apple made. I just bought a JW one 2 months a go and its already acting up.

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