Third Annual A Tale in the Desert Player Meet Planned

The third annual player meet for participants in the MMO A Tale in the Desert will take place February 27 through March 1. Players will need to purchase an in-game pet monkey for US$75 to gain admission to the conference, which includes meals all three days, a tour of developer eGenesis' offices, meetings with game creator Andrew "Teppy" Tepper, a visit to a local conservatory, and more.

Players will also have a chance to discuss the game's Legacy Tests, which were created by those who led the monument construction in the previous A Tale in the Desert. The game is currently in its fourth iteration, also known as a Telling.

Eschewing the hack-and-slash gameplay of other MMOs, A Tale in the Desert places players in ancient Egypt, where they work together to meet the challenges posed by the game's seven disciplines. Mr. Tepper plays the roles of Sami, who aspires to be the new Pharoah after his father's death, and Wahim, Sami's brother who opposes his sibling's attempt to take control. Wahim places the disciplines' challenges before the players, a role taken on by a character known as The Stranger in previous Tellings.