Tim Cook: Apple Watch Coming to Other Countries in Late June

Apple Watch will likely be available in more countries by the end of June, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. He confirmed the obvious when he told investors and analysts Monday afternoon that demand is currently far exceeding demand, but added that production is ramping up.

Apple wants to launch Apple Watch sales in more countries in JuneApple wants to launch Apple Watch sales in more countries in June

"Right now, Watch demand is greater than supply. We've made progress over the last week or so," Mr. Cook said during Apple's second fiscal quarter earnings conference call. "We're in a good position, and by late June we anticipate we can begin to sell the watch in additional countries."

Apple sold through its pre-order inventory in a matter of minutes after opening sales on April 10. Early buyers started receiving their Apple Watch on Friday, April 24, but many still have what looks like a multi-week wait before seeing delivery.

Some pre-order customers are seeing updated delivery times that are earlier than they originally expected. Mr. Cook said Apple managed to get more watches out for Friday's launch than originally planned.

"We were able to deliver to more customers than initially anticipated, we're going to keep doing that," he said.

For now, Apple Watch orders are still limited to online purchases. The company plans to offer in store sales, too, but so far hasn't announced an official date.

Apple's second fiscal quarter earnings conference call is still underway, so be sure to check in with TMO for more coverage and analysis.