Tim Cook CharityBuzz Coffee Date Rises to $605,000

Tim Cook Coffee´┐ŻThe CharityBuzz auction for a coffee date with Tim Cook has risen to US$605,000. This is the first increase in the price of the auction in several days, and comes with eight days left in the bidding.

The auction is for an hour (that amount of time is not promised) with Tim Cook on the grounds of Apple's campus. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

CharityBuzz posted the auction on April 24th, and within 24 hours, the price of an hour with Mr. Cook had skyrocketed to $190,000. At that price, bids have to increase in $5,000 intervals, and over the next three days that sky-high price had jumped to $600,000, where it sat.

Until today.

That's when "J********n" pushed it up to $605,000, bumping "SMohsen" off the top of the heap. It remains to be seen if that person is going to let himself be pushed around. The highest bid CharityBuzz has ever received is $610,000 for a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador, though this auction is sure to leave that far behind.

Bidders so far have included app developers, case makers, tech execs, a photographer wanting to talk about human rights in Asia, a Bluetooth developer named Kerb Karma, and Other World Computing CEO Larry O'Connor.

You, too, can bid on the auction, but you'll need a valid credit card with a credit limit high enough to make the bid. As noted above, there are eight days left in the auction.