Tim Cook Tweet Reminds World "It's Worth Waiting to Get It Right"

Tim Cook tweeted a pair of remembrances for Steve Jobs's birthday on Monday, including one of Mr. Jobs's favorite phrases, "Stay hungry, stay foolish." He also reminded the world that Apple won't release a product before it's ready, a reference to Apple critics who whine about Apple's supposed lack of innovation.

Steve Jobs would have been just 59 years old on Monday had he not died in November of 2011. Mr. Cook's tweets note that they were in remembrance of his predecessor.

The first tweet quoted one of Steve Jobs's favorite phrases, a phrase that Mr. Jobs used in his spectacular Stanford commencement address in 2005 (YouTube link). That tweet:

It's the second tweet that I found the most interesting:

On its surface, it's simply a maxim that Apple follows (Apple haters might call it a hollow bromide, but they tend to be idiots). Apple is known for getting the details right, and the late Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and other executives have spoken frequently about the importance of not rushing a product to market before it's ready.

I think there's a double message here, though, and the second is aimed at Apple critics and Tim Cook critics who complain that Apple hasn't released a disruptive product since 2010's iPad,. Many of those same people cite that as proof that Apple's days of innovation are over.

Be it a large-screen iPhone, the fabled iWatch, or an expanded Apple TV product, Tim Cook has been consistent with the message that his company won't release a product before it's ready. This tweet emphasizes that point.