Time Warner Says Apple Streaming TV Service Coming

Apple is putting together its own streaming TV service, according to Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes. He said he's "pretty confident" the service is coming, but didn't say how soon he thinks Apple will unveil its plan.

Time Warner says Apple's streaming TV service is comingTime Warner says Apple's streaming TV service is coming

Mr. Bewkes told investors,

We think Apple is very forward-thinking about television. It's no surprise to anyone that Apple would be interested in launching a TV product.

His comments are likely more than just idle speculation. Time Warner already has close ties to Apple because it's the parent company for HBO, which recently launched HBO Now exclusively on Apple TV. HBO Now lets viewers subscribe to HBO without needing a cable television package.

Mr. Bewkes said he's pleased with the HBO Now deal, adding "We see a lot of momentum there."

His comments dovetail nicely with Apple CEO Tim Cook's remarks earlier this week where he told investors, "We're in the early stages of major, major changes in media that are just going to be really great for consumers and Apple can be a part of that."

Word that Apple is planning to launch its own streaming television service this fall surfaced last month. Insider sources said the iPhone and Apple Watch maker is negotiating with ABC, CBS, Fox, Disney, and other networks and wants to launch with about 25 channels.

Apple's service would only require a broadband Internet connection, giving viewers an alternative to traditional cable and satellite TV packages.

Without an official announcement from Apple, news of its streaming television service still falls in the rumor and speculation category. With Time Warner's CEO chiming in, however, it's starting to look like more of a reality.

[Thanks to CNET for the heads up]