Time Capsule Goes Dual Band

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Apple released a new version of its Time Capsule network backup appliance on Tuesday that now supports dual-band Wi-Fi access.

Dual-band Wi-Fi lets the Time Capsule support up to 50 users on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands at the same time, which should offer better range and data transfer speeds. It also supports guest networking so that you can allow people to use your Internet connection without giving them access to the rest of your network, USB printer and hard drive sharing, and WPA/WPA2 and 128-bit WEP security.

The dual-band Time Capsule is available now in a 500GB capacity for US$299, and 1TB for $499.

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Really? Still a $200 premium for a 1tb drive? Seagate Barracuda ES 500gb ~$90, Seagate Barracuda ES 1000gb ~$150. Does anyone else see that as odd? Perhaps $100 difference would be a little more inline for what is a $60 upgrade. Guess it’s buy the 500gb + 1tb drive and come out ahead.


I agree w/ “japes” in his above post.  “Apple’s AirPort Extreme Base Station is available now, and is priced at US$179.”  Why not buy the Airport Extreme Base Station and plug it into an inexpensive external hard drive?  Why pay so much more for Apple to do it?  Who buys this at this price?  Any reason not to plug in the Base Station to a much less expensive external hard drive?  Time Machine would work that way, wouldn’t it?  I still have Tiger which doesn’t have Time Machine like Leopard does so I’m not up on exactly how it works.  What am I missing/not understanding?  Thanks in advance to the experts for helping me and others like me understand this.  I want to buy another external drive and upgrade to Leopard and use Time Machine to back everything up.


I hadn’t looked at the AirPort Extreme vs. Time Capsule side.

In the past it didn’t work because of something in the file server in the APe, not sure, I think that might have been updated. However $180 + $90 = $270, the extra $30 for a new case and the integration (built in power supply, etc.) Isn’t too terrible.

It is the 1 tb Time Capsule that just doesn’t make sense, like Apple’s memory and hard drive upgrade prices (320 gb on a BTO Mac Mini is about 2x the cost of the drive).

Dave Hamilton

Unfortunately, Time Machine *won’t* work wirelessly to an AirPort Extreme, at least not officially.  That configuration is still unsupported by Apple.  :-(

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