Time Extends Print Subscriptions to iPad

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Time is closing the gap between the print and iPad versions of its magazines by giving traditional subscribers access to the digital versions of publications for free. The deal is said to be ready to launch on Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal, and applies to Time, Fortune and SPorts Illustrated print subscribers.

iPad 2

The deal is good news for print subscribers, although Time hasn’t gone so far as to allow in-app subscription purchases on the iPad. Doing so would force Time to agree to Apple’s terms and give up 30 percent of in-app sales revenue along with access to personal information about iPad users.

Apparently Time and Apple had been working on an agreement for some time before working out the free digital edition deal for print subscribers. The companies haven’t, however, come to terms yet over in-app subscriptions.

Neither company is talking about the negotiations publicly, so there isn’t any word on whether or not Time will ever allow in-app magazine subscription purchases on the iPad.



Great! I can’t wait to try it out when I get home. That’s an ice value ad for the print subscription price.

Lee Dronick

I had let my subscription to Time lapse even through they offered a pretty good price, I wanted to read it on my iPad. The other week they sent me an even better offer, 1 year for $4.99, and I didn’t take them up on that. This new offer may change my mind on subscribing.

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