TimePreserver Backs Up Time Capsule, Time Machine Drives

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Dalamser announced the immediate availability of TimePreserver on Monday. TimePreserver is a utility for backing up the contents from an Apple Time Capsule or from your TimeMachine drive.

TimePreserver backs up your Time Machine drive

TimePreserver is designed to complement Apple’s Time Machine data backup system, backs up data to external hard drives, maintains incremental backups, doesn’t require users to interrupt their regular backup schedule, and can be used to restore user data as if the backup were the original Time Capsule or Time Machine drive.

TimePreserver is priced at US$35 and is available for download at the Dalamser Web site.



Huh? I don’t get what this product is for? If time machine is backing up your data, why do you need this product?


I guess to backup your backup.  But, I can use SuperDuper for free to just make occasional full backups of my machine to store offsite in case of house fire, etc.  I would rather just backup my main Mac drive vs. backing up my time machine drive.  But, maybe someone will find this useful.


Horses for courses.

SuperDuper/CCC clone your Mac drive, so you protect your single Mac with a bootable backup.

TimePreserver makes an “incremental clone” of your Time Capsule, so you protect all Macs using the Time Capsule with a Time Machine compatible backup.

Both approaches give you secondary backup and offsite capability. Neither is clearly better, they are different. Neither may suit, there are other options (Retrospect, online, etc.).

Why do you need this product? You don’t, but you should have some backup and keeping it away from your computer (which all the mentioned approaches allow) is sensible.

Time Machine to a local drive is file-deletion protection, not disaster protection. A Time Capsule adds some distance, but any fire/thief that can get to your machine can probably get to your Time Capsule… Geographical separation makes sense. Time Machine/Capsule present a single point of backup failure, secondary backup makes sense as well.

Disclaimer: we produce TimePreserver, we also use other backup solutions, horses for courses!

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