Touch Screen iMac May be In Development

| Rumor

Apple may be planning on extending its multi-touch reach beyond handheld devices and mice with the introduction of a 22-inch iMac with a touch-sensitive display. Apparently Quanta is among the manufacturers lined up to build the new iMac for Apple in the second half of 2010, according to China Times (translation).

The report claimed that Apple will add touch screen support to the iMac in order to better compete with all-in-one style PCs.

Additional details on what features the alleged new iMac will sport are thin, but hopefully if the China Times report is accurate, the touch sensitive iMac will include a display that doesn't show finger prints.

Since Apple doesn't comment on unannounced products and China Times doesn't name a source, touch sensitive iMac reports should be treated as rumors.


Lee Dronick

The invitations for the Apple event on 27 Jan show a logo on on some Jackson Pollock like paint splatters (or just the deck in the ship’s paint locker). If the graphic is any indication then they may be announcing a touch device, be it a tablet, desktop Mac, or a combination of the two; “Paint with your fingers or a stylus with the new MacCanvas”

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