Transform Yourself Into a Zombie with ZombieBooth

SAN FRANCISCO - Motion Portrait was showing a product at Macworld that will appeal to your inner Zombie, ZombieBooth for iPhone and iPod touch (there’s also ZombieBooth HD for iPad). With this app, you can photograph yourself or your friends, and then turn that photograph into a very impressive Zombie.

ZombieBooth offers several different zombie types, and you can use it to transform one or more faces in a photo, making very realistic effects. We shudder to think what a mischievous high school annual photographer or editor could do with this app, or perhaps a club or church newsletter editor, not that we’re trying to suggest anything…

In the images below, your humble reporter allowed his visage to be summarily improved — this being the third day of Macworld, we’ll forgive you if you can’t tell which is the before and which is the after.

ZombieBooth isn’t exactly new, but it serves as a poster child for why the Mac and iOS communities need Macworld. Apple may be able to reach bazillions of people through its media events and fleet of Apple Store retail locations, but the same isn’t true for almost every Mac and iOS developer on the planet. We likely wouldn’t have noticed this fun app if the company hadn’t have been showing at Macworld.