Twitter Ready to Deep Six #music

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Twitter is apparently considering shutting down its #music app only six months after launching it for the iPhone. #music let users share what they were listening to with other Twitter users, although it looks like no one has really been using the feature.

Twitter ready to give #music the axTwitter ready to give #music the ax

The #music service launched in April with iOS and Android apps and tied into Apple's iTunes Store as well as Spotify and Rdio. The idea was that #music would serve as a discovery service by letting people see what their friends were listening to.

The social networking service is in the middle of restructuring, according to sources talking with AllThingsD, and Twitter just doesn't see a future for #music. Considering ATD's sources said #music's adoption and usage was "abysmal," it's no surprise the feature is on death row.

With #music on the way out, that doesn't mean Twitter is giving up on the market. The company is working on new strategies now, although it isn't clear exactly what path Twitter will head down.

At this point, the big surprise isn't that #music will shut down; it's that it was still running.

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So #music turned out to be Twitter's Ping.

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I never share what I’m listening to, and I find it annoying when others do (I see it on FB sometimes)

John Dingler, artist


That’s a representation of Planet X which is drawn as a winged globe on Sumerian clay tablets.

Seems that #music is as irrelevant as some think Planet X is.

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