Twitter: Find Your Friends

Twitter is a great tool for following people that you are interested in -- assuming you can figure out what their account name is. Since Twitter axed most of the features in its built-in search, you'll have to look elsewhere to find people, and Google can handle that task without any problem.

Here's how to find a Twitter user account with Google:

  • Fire up your Web browser and go to the Google Web page, or hop into the Google search field in your favorite browser application.


Use Google to search for Twitter users.

  • Enter the name you want to search for followed by "twitter." For example, to search for me, enter "Jeff Gamet twitter" in Google's search field.

Google shows Twitter accounts in its search results.

  • Assuming the person you are looking for really does have a Twitter account, they should appear near the top of the search results list. Just click the link for the person's account to jump to their Twitter page.

If someone has a Twitter account, Google should find it for you.

Twitter is a micro-blogging service that lets users say pretty much anything they want in 140 characters or less. It's free, and it's a cool way to see what happens in other people's lives.