U.S. Postal Service Plans Steve Jobs Commemorative Stamp in 2015

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The U.S. Postal Service plans to release a commemorative stamp honoring the late Steve Jobs in 2015, according to unnamed sources cited by The Washington Post (via Engadget). The stamp is still being designed (my mockup can be seen below), and it is one of 16 new stamps the USPS is planning.

Steve Jobs Stamp Mockup

TMO Mockup of Steve Jobs Stamp

Commenting on the leaked list, Susan McGowan, the Postal Service’s executive director for stamp services and corporate licensing, told The Post that subjects for commemorative stamps could be changed at any time.

Other subjects for future stamps include Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, the cast of Peanuts, Charlton Heston, Run DMC, "Celebrity Chefs," Harvey Milk, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Wilt Chamberlain, "Hot Rods," Dora the Explorer, Michael Jackson, "Video Games," and Hanna-Barbara.

Image made with help from Shutterstock.



Wait, people still use mail? The heck you say.

I still remember when they did the blues stamps in the 90s; Robert Johnson’s smoking a cigarette was photoshopped out of his mouth. As Yank Rachell said, it’s a sad day when they won’t let a dead man smoke.

Bryan Chaffin

tbone, you old coot! It’s been too long! Glad you stopped by. smile


One thing they got right - it is definitely a First Class stamp.  If they ever do one for Bill Gates it will be Bulk Rate.


Good to be back and cooting again. (Whatever that means.)


In related news, South Korea announced a new stamp with a picture of Samsung CEO of IT and Mobile Communications JK Shin. It will be a 2 bit stamp.


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