Fifth Annual uDevGames Game Development Contest Opens

iDevGames on Thursday announced that the fifth annual uDevGames Mac Game Development Contest has begun. Participants have three months to create a Mac OS X game and submit it for public and peer voting. The best overall game will be showcased at Macworld Conference and Expo the following year.

All entries, including source code, must be submitted by March 2, 2009. Voting begins March 3 and lasts for one week, with winners announced on March 12. The general public, including contestants, will be able to vote for the best overall game, while contestants will vote in six additional categories: gameplay, graphics, audio, story, presentation, and originality. Prizes to be determined later will be available to the top three winners in the Best Overall Game category, as well as the six peer-reviewed categories.

More rules can be found on the uDevGames web site.