Undercover 1.5 Adds Push Notification Support

| Product News

Orbicule announced the immediate availability of Undercover 1.5 for on Thursday. The update for the iPhone and iPod touch theft recovery tool added the ability to use push notifications to remotely launch the Undercover app.

Undercover uses the iPhone's built-in GPS, Wi-Fi networks and cell tower triangulation to track and report its location. Since the Undercover app must be running for Orbicule to track a lost or stolen iPhone and iPod touch, users can now remotely activate the Undercover app instead of waiting for someone to launch it.

Undercover is priced at US$4.99 and is available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.



The user still has to activate it, the push notification is not done in the background, the user still has to click a button to active when the push notification come through. If you want to track your iPhone buy MobileMe, you can track it and wipe data.

the viking

“Buy” the MobileMe? You have to be joking. You COULD subscribe to it, at a premium of $99 a year (or so). SO, you will pay, in a 5-year period, a full replacement price for your iPhone AND won’t even have a new phone to show for it. WOW, what a deal!

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