Use Google’s Maps for Transit Routing in Apple’s Maps

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Apple's Maps app in iOS 6 offers directions to get you where you need to go, but not everyone is happy with that option since it doesn't offer transit directions. With Google Maps finally back as a native iPhone, iPad and iPod touch option, you can get the best of both worlds -- Apple's tight app integration, and Google's familiar routing and location features -- and it's easy to do.

To use Google Maps for routing directions with Apple Maps, do this:

  • Install Google Maps on your iOS device. It's free available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.
  • Launch Apple Maps and tap the Route button in the upper left corner. It looks like an arrow pointing to the right.

Tape the Route button to open the Route view in MapsTape the Route button to open the Route view in Maps

  • Tap the Transit button. It looks like the front end of a bus.
  • Enter the location where you'll start and your end location.

Tap the bus button to choose transit directionsTap the bus button to choose transit directions

  • Tap Route.
  • Maps now shows you a list of routing apps you can choose from, and Google Maps should be at the top of the list since you just installed it.
  • Tap Route, and you'll jump to Google Maps where you can follow the directions to your final destination.

Choose the companion app you want to use for transit routingChoose the companion app you want to use for transit routing

While Apple's Maps may be fine for some people, others missed Google's Transit directions. That's not a problem anymore since now you can have both. Unfortunately, neither company has found a way yet to keep busses running on schedule.



I guess I’m missing the point of using Apple Maps to do a search in Google Maps.  Why not simply use Google Maps in the first place if it’s the one having the transit info?

Paul Goodwin

I’ve gotten quite comfortable with Apple Maps. It hasn’t given me any errors. The only issue I’ve had is once it wasn’t updating my current position quickly enough, but I’m doubtful that that was the apps fault. Although I don’t know that for sure. Next time it happens, I will see if Google Maps is updating slowly too.

Bummer that they didn’t make an iPad version. The Apple Map app for iPad is full screen and resolution

Lee Dronick

Yesterday when I downloaded the Google Maps app, I searched for and found a city transit app for San Diego. Previously there was not one from the City. I like using the app for planning my bus trips than I do using a map app be it Google, or whomever. The transit app shows the stop for a route and can display the schedule for a stop.

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