Siri: Your Email Reply Assistant

As you may know, you can use Siri to send emails (by saying something like "send an email to John Appleseed, subject 'tomorrow'"). But did you know that you can use her to reply to existing messages, too? Hot diggity-dog, my friends.

You can handle this in a few different ways. To try out the first method, start by opening the message you'd like to reply to.

Then hold down the Home button on your iOS device to invoke Siri and say "reply." When you do, Siri will ask you what you'd like your message to say, and you can just dictate the content to her.

The second way, though, is much quicker, and it's really handy for dashing off one- or two-line responses. Start things the same way as you did above, but instead of saying "reply" to Siri, say "reply [whatever content you want the message to contain]."


This works within the Messages app, too. Simply invoke Siri when you've got a text message open that you'd like to reply to, and follow the same instructions that we went over for emailing.

And finally, if you're one of those folks who asks Siri to check your emails for you, you can reply to a message after you do that, too, as below:

However, I find this method to be…clunky, to say the least (especially if you have more than one message), so I almost always use one of the two ways I discussed first. But hey, whatever floats your boat, TMO readers. It's your Siri, and you can reply if you want to.

Oh, that was awful. I feel guilty for how bad that "joke" was. Not guilty enough to delete it, but still.