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There are many great turn-by-turn apps out there, but the one provided by Apple's Maps is the one I use most often. The primary reason is how well integrated into the whole OS it is. All I have to do to get home from anywhere is just tell Siri to "take me home" and she takes me there. If that isn't enough to convince you to use Apple Maps for directions, there are quite a few other things you can do with Siri while navigating that make it totally worth it.

Once you've started a trip with Apple Maps, you may be traveling in an area with which you're not too familiar. If you'd like to know when your next turn or exit is coming up, simply ask Siri "when is my next turn?" and she'll tell you in terms of distance. If you'd like to know what your next move will actually be, just ask "what is my next turn" and she'll tell you the street name or exit number.

Are we there yet?

And of course, Siri can answer the age-old question, "are we there yet?" Simply ask her and she'll tell you how long until you arrive at your destination. The question can also be stated "when will I arrive," etc, but the former way is arguably more fun.

If you have any other Siri navigation tips, let us know in the comments!

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It is nice to ask Siri where the next Wendy’s or Subway will be along the route so my kids will quite bugging me.


I’d love to use Siri and Apple Maps as my nav system, but Maps sucks. The last time I trusted Maps to navigate me through downtown Kansas City, it was off by a good six blocks. I really wish in my heart that Maps were good enough to merit its deep OS integration, but it’s not.


Last year I found Apples maps to really suck. It even had my house over a few blocks from where it is.
But of late I have been using it in the backwoods of our state even and it has been pinpoint accurate of late. The roads (aka old dear trails) are mapped with amazing accuracy now and our area is notorious for how confusing the roads are.
I even did an end of the year stint helping UPS deliver packages this season and we used maps to help us find some amazingly difficult addresses on private dirt roads. Maps didn’t miss even one address.
I have been rather impressed with how improved it currently is over last year. Lately I have been getting accuracy that has been as good as or better than google maps.
1/2 year ago I switched my wife’s phone back to google maps, but she was having tons of problems with the accuracy of google maps in our area. Now we are back to maps and simply have had fewer issues.
Individual experience is obviously different and may vary from area to area.


<fanboi>I’m sure I’ll try it again. I love Apple too much to be mad at them forever. </fanboi>


Siri & Maps are my favorite traveling companions. I just wish Siri was completely voice-activated (no push to talk), and that I could ask for and get custom directions like, “Siri, directions to Jennifer’s house via Jackson Road,” when Maps gives me directions I don’t want to use.

PS: I highly recommend using a RAM Mount for in-car use. Military-grade construction, many variations (floor, seat, dash, windshield), and the best accessory I have ever owned.


I’ve been using this combo of Maps + Siri for navigation for some time now. I’ve quit using my Panasonic head unit’s nav system other than as a fly-over of my current position.
The only things I wish this did was to allow me to add a via without losing my ultimate destination, and let me request an alternate route when already underway. (It does a wonderful job of routing you around congestion that has already been noticed, but if raging war mech takes out a bridge right in front of you, it’s critical to be able to get around the devastation without having to reprogram your destination. Or hearing “Make a U-turn” repeatedly for the next 2 miles…)

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