Verizon Killing Unlimited Data Plans in July

VerizonVerizon has confirmed that its unlimited data plans for smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone, will be coming to an end in July. Customers that sign up for data plans after the July deadline will have to choose from tiered options with 2GB a month costing US$30, according to AllThingsD.

Verizon has been offering unlimited data packages to entice new customers, although the company didn’t have plans to offer the deal indefinitely.

Customers that need more than 2GB of wireless data a month can get up to 10GB for $80. Tethering plans with an extra 2GB of data will be available, too, for $20 a month.

Verizon isn’t saying exactly when in July the new data plans will go into effect, but Droid Life claimed the date will be July 7.

Customers that already have an unlimited data plan won’t be cut back to capped wireless data, although there isn’t any word yet on whether or not unlimited data plans will be renewable at the end of current contracts.