Verizon To Impose $2 Convenience Fee to Pay Bill

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Verizon Wants His Two DollarsCome January 15th, Verizon Wireless customers, if they’re not careful, could be paying a $2 fee just to pay their bill. There are ways to avoid this fee, so it’s key to understand when it does and doesn’t apply.

In a press release today, Verizon Wireless announced a new “convenience fee” that will go into effect starting January 15th. It only applies to customers who opt to make a single payment either online or by phone and is meant to offset the costs to support these single payment options.

Customers who use electronic checks or are enrolled in the AutoPay plan will not pay this fee. Nor will customers who use their own banking service website, send in paper checks, use gift cards, or pay at a Verizon store or a kiosk for bill payment.


If the new convenience fee will apply, it will be disclosed up front and during the transaction and should not be a surprise. It seems that with a little pre-planning, customers may be able to avoid this fee altogether.

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So in other words, they are charging you extra to pay by credit card.

Which is illegal under several state and federal laws (except for government agencies, which naturally got exempted by the government).

Occupy Verizon is next…


This former paper boy loves your graphic’s tip o’ the hat to the movie “Better Off Dead!”


Let me get this straight:

If you go with a plan that has to be monitored, bills sent out, status updated, etc. They charge you less.

If you pay upfront so they have your money (and accrued interest) right at the start they charge you more to offset the cost of not monitoring your account, billing, updating, etc..

And I thought Rogers was a bunch of bandits.

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