Virtual Programming Reissues X3: Reunion as Native Mac Port

Virtual Programming announced Friday that it will be reissuing X3: Reunion as a native Mac OS X port on June 11th, 2010. The company had originally published the game as a Cider-based port, but complaints about the performance of that Cider-based port prompted the company to re-engineer it as a native Mac app.

“We weren’t happy with X3: Reunion’s performance when using Cider, and it turned out many of our customers weren’t either,” Virtual Programming CEO Mark Hinton said in a statement. “As a gesture of goodwill, we reengineered the game as a native port that’s a free update for existing customers. Starting today, new X3: Reunion customers will receive the non-Cider version of the game.”

X3: Reunion is the sequel to X2: The Threat, and is a space-based trading and combat game.

Game features:

  • Exotic space ships, revised battle tactics and exciting missions for all difficulty levels
  • Expand buildings by linking factories into huge production compounds
  • The most gigantic, complex universe ever seen in a game continues to expand
  • Hundreds of goods to trade in a gigantic universe with real economic simulation
  • Pilot hundreds of ships in dogfights - command a fleet of many ships into battle with strategic controls
  • Major wars and tactics such as sabotage are incorporated into the exciting new story line
  • A simplified learning curve allows you to get straight into the action. New improved menus, configurable controls allow for customized play

The new port of the game will be free to registered owners of the original release, and new customers will get the native version from the start. The full game is priced at US$29.95, £19.95, and €24.95 at The company has pulled the game until the new version is ready on the 11th.

X3: Reunion Screenshot

X3: Reunion Screenshot

[Update: The article was updated to clarify the shipping date of the new port. - Editor]