VMware Fusion 4.1 Adds Lion Full Screen Mode, More

Vmware announced the immediate availability of VMware Fusion 4.1 on Friday. The update for the OS X-based computer emulator added support for Lion’s Full Screen mode, and brought back the ability to auto-run virtual machines when launching the application.

VMware Fusion 4.1Vmware Fusion 4.1 supports Lion’s Full Screen mode

Version 4.1 supports using a second display for Full Screen mode while leaving the first available for the Mac Desktop and apps, can reveal the Mac menu bar in Full Screen mode in Snow Leopard and Lion, offers improved graphics performance under OS X 10.7.2, supports FileVault 2, launches Windows 7 virtual machines faster, and more.

Vmware Fusion 4.1 is priced at  US$49.99. The update is free for version 4 users.