Wall Street Journal: Apple's Car Is Codenamed 'Titan'

The Apple Crystal BallThe Wall Street Journal is tossing its hat into the "Apple is Working on a Car" ring. On Friday, the newspaper reported the most extensive details yet of Apple's research team, and said specifically that Apple was developing an electric car with an Apple code name of "Titan."

This is the second major mainstream report claiming Apple is developing a car this week. The Financial Times reported that Apple had hired a top Mercedes-Benz executive to work on the project

Both reports follow BusinessInsider's reporting that an Apple employee told that publication Apple was working on something that will "give Tesla a run for its money." Writing for this publication, I backed that up with my own report about Apple hiring people with skill sets you only hire if you're building a car.

But the Journal pushed the story to a much higher level Friday, reporting that Vice President Steve Zadesky has been put in charge of the project, and that he was allowed to assemble a 1,000 member team. While Mr. Zadesky worked on iPhone industrial design, his resume includes a stint at Ford.

The reporters, Daisuke Wakabayashi and Mike Ramsey, also put an excellent piece of the puzzle together by reminding us that Apple hired Marc Newson. Mr. Newson is an accomplished industrial designer who is good friends with Apple's Jony Ive. But what few people paid attention to in 2014—when that was news—is that among Mr. Newson's many projects, he once designed a concept car for—wait for it—Ford.

As John Gruber of Daring Fireball noted, "I know a lot of people at Apple, at all levels of the company, who love watches. I also know many who love cars." That top shelf designer Apple brought on for "special projects" is one of them.

Marc Newson, Driving a 1952 built Yellow Ferrari 225 with Phil Poynter during a time trial at 1000 Miglia race on May 12, 2011 in Brescia
Photo by Roberto Cerruti, courtesy of Shutterstock

Other details in the report include the news that Apple has met with the Magna Steyr unit of Canadian auto supplier Magna International Inc. in Austria. Magna Steyr is a contract manufacturer for high-end cars.

If you still doubt Apple is making a car, stop doing that.