Walmart Sells 1.4M Tablets on Thanksgiving, iPad mini Big Seller

Retail giant Walmart said it sold 1.4 million tablet devices on Thanksgiving, and said that the iPad mini was a top seller. The company said its sales through the holiday weekend were record breaking, and that more than 22 million shoppers visited its stores on Thanksgiving Day.

iPad mini a top seller at Walmart over ThanksgivingiPad mini a top seller at Walmart over Thanksgiving

Along with big numbers for iPad mini sales, Walmart CEO Bill Simon said big screen televisions, Xbox One, PS4, and laptops were all big sellers. DSLR and handheld video games raked in big bucks for the company, too.

Mr. Simon also said, "Our Black Friday events were bigger, better, faster, cheaper and safer than ever." That "safer" comment was likely a reference to the 2008 death of Jdimytai Damour who lost his life when he was crushed by shoppers trying to get at sale items at the company's Long Island store.

Walmart did manage to entice record numbers of shoppers into its stores over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and it looks like that paid off not only for the retailer, but also for Apple. The company didn't break out how many of those 1.4 million tablet sales were iPad minis, but calling it a top seller implies those numbers were good. Add in full size iPad sales, and that leaves even less for the Android tablet market.