Want to Try the iPhone 5S for Free? Ask T-Mobile

T-Mobile is offering prospective subscribers a way to try out its cell network for free, and it teamed up with Apple to use the iPhone 5S as the smartphone of choice for the deal. The T-Mobile Test Drive program gives you an iPhone 5S for a week, along with unlimited nation-wide service, plus it gives people the opportunity to see Apple's popular smartphone in action.

T-Mobile offers iPhone 5S with free service test driveT-Mobile offers iPhone 5S with free service test drive

T-Mobile is making the Test Drive program as simple as it can by letting people sign up online. They send you the iPhone 5S, and after seven days you drop it off at any T-Mobile retail store. There aren't any fees or surprise payments involved, and at the end of the trial period users can return the phone, no questions asked.

Businesses can participate in the trial, too, although with a couple differences. Businesses get up to three iPhones, and their trial period runs for two weeks.

There are, however, a couple limitations: You can participate in the program only once a year, once per credit card, and once per household. Considering T-Mobile is handing over an iPhone 5S and unlimited service, it seems reasonable to limit the trial to seven days and only once a year.

You can sign up for the Test Drive program at the T-Mobile website.