Want to Get the Most Out of Your Remote? Check Out Remote Buddy!

Product Link : Remote Buddy (€19.99 Trialware)
Company Link : IOSPIRIT

Many portable Macs, as well as the iMac, have the option of being controlled by an Apple Remote by using infrared technology. Unfortunately, other than being able to access Front Row, and navigate in iTunes and iPhoto, there’s not much else that you can use it for. Fortunately, there’s Remote Buddy.

Remote Buddy gives you the ability to control nearly any application using your Apple Remote. To get you started, it comes with Behaviors for over 100 applications, so you can start launching and controlling them immediately. If an application you’d like to control isn’t one of these, you can use the Behavior Construction Kit to add your own applications and control options. But that’s just the beginning.

Remote Buddy also offers the option of opening any file on your system. Just like the Finder, if there is more than one application that could be used to open the file, you’ll be offered a list of the eligible applications. Remote Buddy can also act as a virtual input device, being able to provide mouse or keyboard input, offering maximum flexibility in case you aren’t able to map a program’s option using a Behavior.

There’s also System Tools, which will let you do things like application switching, changing your screen settings, and even offering Shutdown, Sleep and Restart options.

Remote Buddy AJAX Remote on iPod Touch

Remote Buddy works with the Apple Remote as well as IR, Bluetooth and RF remotes from other vendors, but also offers an option called AJAX remote, which will let you remotely control your Mac with your iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac running the Safari 3 or Safari 4 browser. The interface offers Remote, Trackpad, Keyboard and Menu options, and will also let you listen to your Music, watch your Movies, and even let you view what’s happening near your Mac if it’s equipped with an iSight camera.

So get the most remote control functionality out of your Mac, and give Remote Buddy a try! Have any other gadgets that let you control your Mac from afar? Send an email to John and he’ll check it out.