Want to Watch the Super Bowl on Your iPad for Free? There’s an App for That

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If you're a cord cutter who wants to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, but don't feel like connecting an antenna to your TV just to watch a football game, there's an app for you. Even better, it's free, and so is watching the big commercial-fest on your iPhone, iPad, or fourth generation Apple TV.

You can stream the Super Bowl on your iPhone or iPad with the free CBS Sports app. Along with the game, you can keep up on game stats and Apple Watch owners can get updates pushed to their wrist, too.

You can stream the Super Bowl live on your Apple TV for freeYou can stream the Super Bowl live on your Apple TV for free

Fourth generation Apple TV owners can download the CBS Sports app, too. Just go to App Store and look for the big banner highlighting the app and the Super Bowl.

Mac users are in luck, as well, because CBS Sports is streaming the game live on their website.

The Super Bowl starts at 6:30 PM eastern time on Sunday, February 7.

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It’s all true except for the iPhone part.

As CSB states “Live streaming on mobile devices is only available for eligible Verizon Wireless customers via the NFL Mobile App”

I’m not sure why iPads are not considered a “mobile device” but I’m glad it’s not. I’ve watched a lot of Monday Night Football on an iPad via the WatchESPN app (or course to do THAT, you have to have a log-in, so cord cutters are out.)

These rights issues are a pain the butt.


The CBS Sports.com Super Bowl watch live site just endlessly shows ‘loading’ on Safari on my Mac.

The app works good on my iPad. Wish I had tried that before the game started…

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