Welcome to my blog


As you may already know, I write a monthly column for The Mac Observer, called User Friendly View. The column covers anything Apple-related, as long as it's likely to be of interest to typical Mac/iPod/iPhone end-users. This blog has a similar name and covers similar territory. As such, you may well wonder: Why do this blog at all? Isn't the column enough?

Perhaps the column is enough. You, the readers, will ultimately be the judge on that score. However, I do have a definite reason for wanting to do this blog. Four reasons actually:

  • It allows me to cover topics that would otherwise be too brief to merit an entire column.

  • It allows me to cover more than one topic per month.

  • It allows me to express stronger opinions (especially critical ones!) than I would find appropriate for the column.

  • Most importantly, it allows my writing to be more timely. Following big news announcements, I can have a blog entry posted within a day or so, rather than having to wait up to several weeks to post a column.
That said, I'm ready to begin. Let 'er rip...Â