Werck BV Releases Checkout 3 Point-of-Sale Solution for Mac

Werck BV announced Thursday the release of Checkout 3, an update to the company's point-of-sale (POS) solution for the Mac. The new version includes a new product manager, performance improvements, barcode label printing, and a new Web store solution called EnStore.

POS solutions are what retail stores use at computer-based checkout registers (as opposed to the old fashion mechanical cash registers or even the dedicated electronic cash registers). Checkout 3 is one of the few Mac-based POS systems on the market - Apple uses its own POS solution that was developed in house, for instance.

Checkout 3 allows users to manage inventory, handle credit card transactions, maintain a customer database, and more. The new version of the software adds a variety of new features. In addition to the features mentioned above, it includes:

  • Faster log-ins, and overall improved performance for large stores
  • Connect up to 20 workstations to one store (Only when the store is hosted on an Intel-based Mac)
  • Improved barcode scanner and swipe reader support
  • Faster and more powerful search functionality
  • Select and delete multiple customer records at once
  • Improved Reports and Ledger performance
  • Multi-region sales tax support
  • Support for multiple suppliers per product
  • New easy interface to scan in or enter serial numbers for your products
  • Edit properties of multiple products at once
  • Support for manually configured connections in the Login window
  • Support for shipping addresses and shipping cost on Orders
  • Support for hosting multiple Stores on one computer

You can find more information on Checkout 3 at the company's Web site. Pricing for Checkout 3 scales according to the scope of its implementation, and it starts at US$399/€329.

Checkout 3 Screenshot
Checkout 3 Screenshot