White iPhone 4 Sells Out in One Hour in Hong Kong

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Apple’s newly (and finally) released white iPhone 4 sold like hotcakes in Asia, with ElegentTech [sic] reporting that the device sold out in just the first hour of availability in Hong Kong. People began lining up at midnight to be able to get the device, which was announced in June of 2010 but didn’t ship until Thursday, April 28th 2011 (today).

ElegentTech also reported that many of the units sold in that first hour will be resold on the grey market that has thrived in the past on limited availability of Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The site said that they could fetch as much as US$1,000, but no supporting evidence of either the intent or price was offered.

IDG News Service also reported long lines at one of Apple’s Beijing flagship Apple Stores, with many of those saying that they had held off in buying the plain ol’ black original iPhone in anticipation of the white version’s eventual release.

“White is brighter. The color makes you feel young,” 22-year old Berry Li told the news organization, adding, “Apple is a leader in technology.”

Other people waiting in line expressed the opinion that the ladies love a device dressed in white. 19-year-old high school student Chen Zhi said, “New things are always fashionable. I think girls always like products that are white in color.”

He was planning on buying one for his girlfriend.

Backing up the chick-friendly angle was 35-year old Annie Zhang, who boldly declared, “I don’t like the black color. I’ve always been waiting for the white-colored iPhone 4.”

Hong Kong Lines for White iPhone 4

White iPhone 4 Fans Lining Up in Hong Kong
Photo courtesy of Unwire.hk

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Lineups in Hong Kong for white iPhone sold out in an hour. Lineups for Apple this and Apple that. Makes one blush.

When will we see the lineups for anything Droid. I?d be there to film such a momentous happening.

Lee Dronick

When will we see the lineups for anything Droid

At the returns desk


At the returns desk



At the returns desk



Ha!!  Thanks for a good laugh after a long work day…


Oh, wait, I’ve got one for the lineup for anything droid…

At the Bosco-sponsored “He-Man, Apple-Haters Club”!!

Get it?!?!?

Thank you.  Thank you.  No applause, just money…




Now, now, now, listen all you Mr. Snarky McSnarks, we all know that snark is not an appropriate means of commenting about people who come to an Apple-enthusiast website and who then go about bashing all things Apple, iOS, Steve Jobs, etc….

‘Cause we all know that Apple’s closed-garden approach and app cencorship is inferior to Android openness, what with their viruses, porn, and that oh-so-classy dog fighting app that’s still available despite cries of outrage.

Man, get me out of this walled-garden that’s due to collapse under the mighty weight of Android! I need me some viruses, porn, and street cred-building dog fighten’!

NOTE: Please remember that all of the snark in this post—well, a good 95% anyway—was directed at the Android platform, and not any individual member of TMO. All rights reserved. No animals were harmed in the ceation of this post, nor were any virtually harmed, unlike that reprehensible Android app that never would have seen the light of day in Apple’s App Sore. Keep hands and feet inside the cart at all times. Your mileage may vary. (c) 2011 mrmgraphics

PS—Bosco, I’ll save you the effort: Yes, the Baby Shaker app made it through, but was soon pulled from Apple’s App Store. Let’s see Google show some class here, too.

PSS—Yes, there are deer-hunting apps. But deer hunting is legal. Battlefields? That’s either realistic depictions of warfare, or swords and sorcery fantasy. Dog fighting? That’s cruelty for cruelty’s sake, and a federal offense.


mrmgraphics, you fit in nicely around here!!  LOL.  Very funny (and true) stuff.  Wow, I had never even heard of a dog fighting app.  The human race is rather pathetic in general (as is android).  Whoops.

I do want to point out that there should be a different name for cutesy, good-humored snarks as opposed to the “hey, you are trying to imply that I said something that I didn’t say so you should apologize to me because waaaaah I am so freaking sensitive even though I insult everyone else around here without even thinking about apologizing for it and I act all superior and smarter than everyone” snarks.

Any thoughts on a different name for cutesy, good-humored snarks, since the other, more serious version of snark seems to be reserved now for a specific use?  Any thoughts?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Lee Dronick

Any thoughts on a different name for cutesy, good-humored snarks, since the other, more serious version of snark seems to be reserved now for a specific use?? Any thoughts?? Bueller?? Bueller?


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